Online Human Rights Examinations
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 Online 1-1 Examinations 

We operate a one to one examination system. All you need is your computer or laptop, a webcam and a place convenient for you to seat down and take part in the Examination.

 Study Anywhere 

We operate a digital system. Once you have registered, have your manual and booked your examination slot, you can study anywhere.

 Book & Pay For Examinations Online 

You will need a debit or credit card to book your Examination.

 No Physical Contact Necessary 

It means exactly what it says. You are in physical contact with your own computer and we are in physical contact with our own computerised system.

 Examination Result Straight In Your Email Box 

Result is sent free to your chosen email address.

 Pay for Postal Result is Necessary 

In addition to the emailed result, you may have result printed and posted to you at a little extra cost.

Registration for May 2023 Certificate Examination Now Live
  • To Register as a student for HACRC Institute Online Human Rights Examinations, please complete the form below and click Submit. Alternatively by email registration as provided below.
  • After receipt of your completed form, the Registry will process the information. You will later receive a confirmation email link to make your student registration payment. The payment is £50.
  • Upon receipt of your payment, the Registry will proces your application. If everything is in order, you will receive email confirming your registration details.
  • You will later receive a manual providing details with respect to the scope of the Examination. No extra payment required.
  • With your registration details, you can book for your examination via the link that will be provided to you.

    The Examination fee for Certificate Examination is £75.

    the Examination fee for Graduate Examination is £100.

  • Digital or Emailed Result is free. You may pay extra for posted result.
  • Please send all emails after sending application to
  • Alternatively By Emaill Registration to with details of your first name, middle name, surname, Date of Birth, full address, telephone number, email address and enclosing a copy of your passport.

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